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A Small Wellness Area

After a day of skiing or trekking in the Dolomites or a simple walk in the woods, our hotel offers you a chance of relax in our small and tipical Wellness Area made of stone and wood, the perfect place to regenerate your body and soul.

3 saunas, 2 ’emotinal showers’ and a comfy relax area are there to offer you some quiet and rest.

You’ll also find there some small regards as big towels, a wild berries tea and fresh fruits.

Mountain Herbs Bio sauna

The gentle mountain herbs bio sauna gives you a relaxing experience with moderate temepratures. the slight wood scent will remind you the day you have just spent in the forest and all the adventures in the Dolomites to come.

Temperature: 60° C
Humidity: 50%

Finnish Alpine sauna

Our finnish alpine sauna cleanses your body deeply in just a few minutes. Its properties are healthy for heart, circulation, skin, breathing and they also improve the immune-system. Treat yourself with 10 or 15 minutes of deep purification in this tipical sauna.

Temperature: 90° C
Humidity: 15%

Steam bath hammam

This hammam’s hot steam stimulates sweating less compared to a sauna, but you can stay inside for a longer time, with amazing effects on the luminosity of the skin. A soft light chromo-therapy will even enhance the relaxation and regereration.

Temperature: 45° C
Humidity: 100%

Emotional showers

It’s like a magic: just the touche of a button and this emotional showers are activated and waterdrops and colours are all over.
Aromatherapy and colors will together stimulate your senses. The tropical shower caresses the body and stimulates the mind with a delicate fruit scent, the cold blue mist cools down from the heat of the sauna with an intense eucaliptus scent.

The Wellness Area is open only for adults from 3 to 8 pm on reservation before 3 pm.