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A glance at the past

An ancient history

One feels that the Hotel Meublé Fiori has always existed.

As a hotel, patisserie, bakery or bar, our home has always been a meeting place and one of hospitality, its history inextricably bound to that of the Fiori Monego family of San Vito.

We’re one of the oldest families in all Cadore. Since 1278 we have lived between the Pelmo and Antelao mountains, initially close by the church of Saint Rocco in Serdes. Monego, our family nickname, comes in fact from the name given to the priest’s adjutant.

The first bakery in San Vito

In 1903 Tommaso Fiori decided to move to the centre of San Vito and in 1910, together with his son, Matteo, inaugurated the first bakery in San Vito di Cadore. The Fiori bakery quickly became one of the core businesses in town, at the heart of its everyday life.

Despite two world wars, great-grandpa Matteo, his wife Giuditta and their eleven children managed to turn their home into a small hotel with a homey feel, a great starting point for the exploration of the world’s most beautiful mountains.

Thanks to the success of the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina, the house was officially transformed into a boarding house with a bar, a restaurant and soon thereafter a renowned patisserie.

The patisserie

Matteo’s young son Giovanni had since childhood shown a great passion for confectionery. Once he created one of his perfect desserts, he used to write down its recipe and keep it safe in a folder. Grandpa Giovanni’s recipe book is for us today still a great treasure, one guarded jealously. His recipes still give us the strudel, the Sacher torte, the cheesecake and the krapfens, our most valued pastry.

Right before the Olympics, Giovanni married young Gelinda De Lotto, who became swiftly famous for her legendary coffee, her smile and her hot chocolate with whipped cream which, to this day, we prepare following her recipe.

The Meublé Fiori

Giovanni ran the business with his brother Giuseppe until 1980, when irreconcilable disagreements divided them.

From this division of the great Fiori family house and the intuition of Giovanni’s son, Tarcisio, the Meublé Fiori Hotel was born. The idea was to create a hotel which had in its breakfast an unparalleled strong point.

Together with his sister Alessandra and wife Patrizia, Tarcisio came up with the Fiori Breakfast, a rich buffet built around a daily selection of grandpa Giovanni’s traditional pastry.


In 2003, in a section of the hotel, family rooms complete with a kitchen were built and the building was also equipped with a small wellness area.

Today, together with our father Tarcisio and our mother Patrizia, we passionately manage this small hotel and patisserie that is also our home, our history and our family.

Valentina, Alessandro and Carlotta Fiori Monego