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Skis and Snowshoes

Ski mountaineering and Freeride

Ski mountaineering and freeride have recently been rediscovered as a way to experience skiing in a more intense and authentic way. After heavy snowfall, the Dolomites between San Vito and Cortina are frequently treaded by skiers looking for excitement and reaching solitary and pristine places using sealskins. All around them landscapes that warm the heart and precious silence.

The hard-earned descent gives the thrill of fresh snow on the most famous mountains in the world for their amount and variety of steep gullies and descents for every degree of skill.

Snowshoe land

Cadore is a true snowshoe land because of the many easy itineraries that allow you to reach pristine locations. Slowly walking on snow in muffled silence is both pleasant and healthy, and it also feels magic even to those who has already discovered such locations in the summer. Silent woods and valleys far from the frenzy of ski-lifts make up for a unique experience of peace and quiet easily worth every effort. For example, reaching Mondeval from Passo Giau is an experience you won’t forget.

Skiing in dreamy surroundings

Cortina offers the thrill of skiing among the rocks of the Dolomites’ most beautiful mountains. This location chose to preserve the unique beauty of its nature, creating three incredibly scenic yet environmentally low-impact skiing districts (Tofana, Faloria-Cristallo and Lagazuoi-Cinque Torri).

The skier can enjoy technical slopes for every degree of skill and, here more than other places, broad and unforgettable 360 degrees landscapes. This is a skier’s paradise, perfect for the athlete looking for beauty. It is possible to ski at up to 2900 metres and from November to May.

Ski Tour of the Dolomites

The most fun way to explore the Dolomites on foot is the Ski Tour, the most famous of which is the Tour of Sellaronda, which crosses four splendid Ladino valleys and as many dolomitic passes, with the possibility of refreshing stops in cottages with live music and DJs.

Also very interesting and scenic is the Tour of the Great War, which goes around the Col di Lana and makes you experience the emotion of descending from the Lagazuoi mountain to the Armentarola on the longest trail of the Dolomites.

The Super-8 ski tour is an engaging and unforgettable tour through the eight most famous dolomitic peaks: Pelmo, Marmolada, Tofana, Civetta, Fanes, Averau, Cinque Torri, Conturines.

Skiing and playing at the Neve Sole Park

The leisure skier will find him or herself at home among the gentle slopes of San Vito’s ski area. 15 kilometres of slopes, always perfectly snow-covered and sun-kissed: the perfect place to learn how to ski!

Many children (but not only!) brave their first slopes under the watchful eye of professional and specialized ski instructors and Scotty, Neve Sole Park’s nice dog mascot, while the youngest have fun in the Kinderheim, sliding on dinghies or playing in the chalet.

For any information or for a guided tour please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@hmfiori.it, Alessandro, our mountain guide, will be happy to replay as soon as possible.